Colour Workshop

Contrast – Complimentary – Combination

I love colour. I love using colour in my work as I also love the intensity in black and white tone in drawing or painting. A few tips I gathered from one of my tutor, Anna Bhushan on an hour colour workshop are:

  • not to follow the natural colour of the objects. For example, leaf. It’s not only green. It’s a vibrant combination of yellow, red, blue, black and white. So think about doing experimentation, be expressive and develop colour.
  • always look twice at the colour of nature.
  • combine monochrome palette with a touch of colour. This could create mood, effect and atmosphere.
  • extend the combination or colour mix onto the image.
  • think of technique e.g. collage or print-making.
  • think of colour as symbol.

Here are a few paintings I’ve done based on the workshop:

Amanda Sue Rope study

Amanda Sue Rope study

The above painting is inspired by Amanda Sue Rope’s painting “Sky London” for one of her commission project. I specifically studied this painting because I love the tone. Her work is so detailed and uses basic or prime colours yet it creates beautiful combination. Her colour creates mood which in this painting is vibrant and lively sky of London city.

Please check her incredible works on

This one is also inspired by Amanda S. Rope’s project “Courtyard, 8am”. I took an image from the internet as a reference to paint the above. The original image is city in early morning is here:×414.jpg

Tone and colour combination

Tone and colour combination

Here’s another one that’s also inspired by Amanda S. Rope’s “Southwark Cathedral, 11am” project. I have combined the prime colours to create tone.

The last two paintings were made by watercolour and guache. They are inspired by J.W. Turner’s paintings “Norham Castle” and “A River seen from a hill” c.1840-5. I found studying his approach very challenging because the colour is so vibrant and the paintings contained more detail than I expected. I would like to study more Turner’s technique in my spare time.





I love adding a touch of colour onto an image. It could create mood and effect. Here’s a painting in watercolour I did a few years ago for a poster project on domestic abuse. I wanted to emphasise on the visual of domestic abuse to get the attention although abuse isn’t only physical but it’s also phycological. I chose a portrait of a famous person because I wanted the victims to be able to relate their situation to the object of my image therefore persuade them to react.

domestic abuse theme poster

domestic abuse theme poster

Here’s fun videos by the Slow Mo guys of paints mix on a speaker. Enjoy.


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