Definition from the Dictionary app:

  1. not genuine, authentic, or true; not from claimed, pretended, or proper source; counterfeit.
  2. Biology. (of two or more parts, plants, etc) having similar appearance but a different structure.
  3. of illegitimate birth; bastard.

So, the conclusion is:

  1. fake, imitation, phony.
  2. mutant, or a nerd like me would say “Bizarro-like”.
  3. bastard.

“Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal” – Picasso.

I’ve heard and read discussion about this quote so often I don’t even know where to began to talk about it.  Therefore I based my opinion from my personal point of view. As an illustrator, my work is heavily influenced and inspired by my surrounding, my family, my friends, my culture, my studies, other artists and on how I’m feeling on the day or what project I am on. I learn techniques, approaches and skills from famous artists like Picasso, Turner or Georgia O’Keeffe. Would that make me unoriginal? fake? Spurious? I say NO.

Stealing, to me, doesn’t always means taking something without permission. It could also mean taking the chance to give or to do something (like a kiss!). Stealing does not have the same meaning as influenced by or inspired by. I could be inspired by the colour of the autumn season for my next painting project, that don’t mean the autumn season will loose its beautiful colour.

Now, if I take credit for other artists’ works or infringe the copyright of an artwork to simply make money or get attention and myself famous, that’s stealing.

I am me, original.

#rambling #words #trash


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