Teenage kicks – Cultural Approaches to Dr. Martens Boots

Lecture by Cath Davies.

Identifying cultural approaches is recognising the context and meaning through critical analysis. Identifying a brand by their design quality. Culture within the design adds value into the subject.

How to identify ‘cultural markers’:

  • choosing & looking at?
  • who made it and what purpose?
  • what role in different ages?
  • usage in different time? is there any development?
  • is there any different connotations or association throughout time?

To identify the cultural markers I need to look at the trend, trace the biography or history and the past of the subject and look at who buy the brands throughout the ages and time or by reclaiming the object and changing its meaning. Some brands have different meaning embedded within it. It sometime defines how the customer wear the brand (style, personality, genre, e.t.c.).

Customers who use the brand are actively construct, transforms, reconfiguring and remaking the meaning of the brand. And some customers also borrowed and revived the brand by putting them together into a new distinctive style. Customisation is adapting, altering or defying the original design. It’s a form of statement or saying something with style in different ways of wearing the brand. It’s like “painting our own personality as an artist”. Sometime stereotyping of the brand occur. Identities are fluid, customers decide which visual to be presented which lead to interaction between ourselves and culture that become an infusion of different statement in culture.

Objects tell stories. Customers see brand as a platform not as the finish product. Customers decide how to wear it and time changes things and meanings of it. Visual artefacts are embedded with connotations or things that comes with. Cultural connotation creates anti-fashion/rebellion, individuality is formed by customers who buy the brand.


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