20 Images of a sequence happening within an hour

This storyboard was inspired by an email I’ve received from a delivery company about my parcel delivery status. It pointed out a link for me to go and check the movement of the delivery driver who was scheduled to deliver my parcel within an hour.

delivery status map

delivery status map

Based on that email, I took reference in one of Saul Steinberg’s work “9th Avenue”. It’s a landscape illustration for the New Yorker from a point of view at the 9th avenue in New York city, NY that expanded  into a world map.

Steinberg - 9th ave

Steinberg – 9th ave

image source: http://www.juliasantengallery.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/New-Yorker-2306.jpg

and here is my 20 images of sequence happening within an hour:

The size of the storyboard is A2, drawn with pen, ink and felt tip pens. Only Black/white and one colour are allowed. The map is latest the 3rd ave map in New York City, NY view from Google Earth.

Sushi delivery

Sushi delivery

It’s telling a narrative of my online sushi order journey that took place within an hour. The track of the delivery man can be followed by the red dots line.



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