Time Passing

This next project is about recording passing of time with sequences and narrative. The Object (a place) is free to choose and drawn with observation. We are encouraged to see and observe our object so that it lets you breathe in its strange special air.


  • Rhythm
  • History
  • Seasons
  • Mortality
  • The Future
  • Ageing
  • Movement
  • Measurement
  • Recording of time, and
  • When time stand still

The sequences can be of changing appearances, changing a constant, specific events and abstract representation. Symbol is one of a good way to represent abstract narrative.  The narrative will be drawn from experience and reality. It is also can be wordless. It can be compressed or expanded. The aim is to allow the readers, actor or authors to share experiences.

My choice of object (a place) is Yo Sushi shop situated in St. David’s mall, Cardiff. I chose it because it’s one of my favourite place and feel comfortable to be in. The shop manager was generous in letting me sit there and watched them preparing their food to cook and work before the shop was open. I’ve also took pictures to help me capture the moments.

One thing to remember is to take different viewpoints of our chosen object (a place), e.g birds eye, inside looking out, outside looking in, from bellow, through the eyes of a cat, from inside a character’s head, zooming in and panning out and looking through something which obscures our vision.


  1. 20 images showing a sequence happening within the space of an hour.
  2. 4 images imagining a sequence happening within a year.
  3. 12 images showing a sequence happening within ten minutes, and
  4. 7 images showing a sequence happening within a week.



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