Handling History ‘ISMS’ and The close reading of texts

Lecture by Theo Humphries

This was one of study skill that I enjoyed. English isn’t my first language and the lecture introduced technique of reading a text and understanding the meaning out of it. I shall use paraphrasing when I read a text in a book that I can not understand.

History is influenced by a lot of things and sometime too much of history can be confusing. History can be obvious but also abstract and chaos. Artist and designers have their own art things but in the end it come into one distinctive result. All history are constructed.

To understand the -‘Isms’ I have to reduce the history to make it make sense, e.g. in Language (English) as one of main communication tool in the world. Sometime ‘labelling’ or ‘stereotyping’ is dangerous even though it’s coming from or about the same thing.



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