Identifying A Question

Lecture by Dr. Mahnaz Shaz

What is a question?

A researcher has the ability to change, to questions and analysing information in order to find out about an object or artwork. This skill lead to critical analysis. Research is important to measure how much I can prove the argument or point of view (no wrong or right question and answer). Back up our research with logic and information to prove our opinion or argument or artwork. Research is to find out the relationship between objects, time/period/era, find out about the connection of things and forms. And in order to understand it is by breaking down the connections, find new materials, new techniques, new forms across many specialist subjects or fields which will develop the understanding of elements in design and structure.

Understanding the era of an object by seeking the concept of the era, symbols and psychology of the era (psycho analysis).

Art and design abstraction includes:

  • line (every specialist or field use line in a different matter)
  • plane
  • form
  • volume
  • colour
  • structure


Principle of Accessibility

Visual creation always have responsibility yo the viewers or public/beholders and sometimes defines who we are and the civilisation. Concept and ideas that we find acceptable today may not be suitable in the future.

The lecture has taught me quite a lot with how to think and analyse critically. I have to look in depth into research, what are the current issue in the art and design, the theme, concepts and crossovers, literature but also composition.





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