Perspective – Amanda Sue Rope workshop

It was a pleasure to be able to learn from an Artist that I admire. Amanda Sue Rope came and gave us lecture and workshop on perspective. Her artworks were a big inspiration for my colour workshop project.

Perspective is the views from we see or other people see of the object. It also about positioning of people (who they are or what they do) and whether it is a vertical, horizontal and symmetrical positioning. Perspective also means where do an artist want the viewers to view the artwork to be. Perspective also create space within a space.

In the workshop, I was given three random images which I can paint or collage with and three situation words to set up a composition e.g: inside, close-up and isolated.

I collaged the images (crochet yarn, a boot and a badminton racket) horizontally on a paper with a starting point and incorporated the situation words to create an image that visually communicates the composition.

Here’s my image:

Perspective workshop

Perspective workshop


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