This project was set up to explore the role of illustrator in predicting the futures: How Things Will Be – How Things Might Be – How Things Should Be.

I’ve chosen Childhood as the theme of this project. My main research source is “The Invention of Childhood” by Hugh Cunningham. It explores the questions of ‘What is a child, or to be a child?’. In my research I’ve encountered the developing world of simulation, projections, prediction and forecasts. The reformation and reinvention of the childhood innocence is what I want to explore in this project.

I’ve also exercised narrative story building using the character, setting and circumstance and also time and sequence during the making of the final work for the project.

I’ve never made a stop-motion animation before. It was quite a hard learning process. I’ve learnt that preparation is the a main key of a successful outcome. Considering it’s my first stop-motion production using the most modest software (iMovie) out there, I am pleased with the final work.


3 Comments on “Prophecy”

  1. claidig says:

    This is adorable. Well done!

  2. […] to Hero challenge. I was reminded I had been a little behind on my posting, and for some reason Prophecy was that reminder. Thank […]

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