Newport City Time-lapse Trial #1

I’ve been documenting my exploration of Newport by taking photos and shooting time-lapse video. The hardest part when video shooting was the winter weather which seems to have no interest in giving me a break. Especially when I’m trying to record the sunrise and sunset at the exact time and place.

One thing that I must remember when shooting a video is that you can prepare and anticipate everything perfectly to the T but there are some things that you don’t have a control of, e.g. unpredictable weather.

I’d like to say thank you for the nice security man at the Newport NCP car park who were so kind and allowed me used the 5th floor to shoot the video. Gladly he didn’t think I was a pervert who spies on naked people in their houses. And also thank you for the pigeons who kindly shared their droppings. It was lovely. Not.


One Comment on “Newport City Time-lapse Trial #1”

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