City of Newport – Pechakucha presentation

My exploration of the City of Newport through history books, documentary videos and documenting the field research (photography, observational drawing, found objects, sound and texture) has lead me to find out more about the working class of Newport. Newport has been a port centre for trading since the medieval time. Through out time and development, trading is still the main soul of the city, both goods and service.

I’d like to look further into the working class people that makes Newport a home. My plan is to have interviews, maybe a survey and making video of trading in Newport indoor market, Llanwern steel works and pubs around the city. I am also interested in drawing portraits of them to be made into print works or book. But I still keep my mind open to new ways in creating body of works for this project.

Pecha kucha online presentation link.

Ayu Baker – CSAD – Pecha kucha city presentation from Wulanayu Baker

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  1. […] project was to explore the life of the working class (as explained in my previous blog post: However because of an obstacle I faced I have to change course. Sometime result don’t come […]

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