Week 4: Getting to know my field group

I was a bit nervous coming to Uni for the Field – Group work today. Interacting, adapting and working together with strangers is quite challenging for me. We started the induction day by brainstorming all our initial ideas then compressed them into five main migration themes. The five themes we have are Human movement, Social/Economic, Infrastructure, Restrictions and What If?
We’re put into group based on similarity of ideas and aspirations. I’m in Human movement group. My research is about the identity of migrants in relation with cultural, personality, social and behaviour changes that the person brought into and influenced by the new environment.

The group members then negotiated and offered skills and knowledge that we have gained through individual research work. My group consist of five members. Mwamba is an illustration student who like concept art and have great presentation skill, Lauren is also an illustration student who have distinctive drawing skills and a great researcher, Georgia who is also an illustration student is very hands on, full of ideas and she also have a fantastic drawing skill and last is Ugur who is a Product design student, he is helpful and hands on creating 3D artwork.

The first group exercise is for us to come up with an artwork based on our divers ideas. Firstly we brainstormed our individual ideas (identity, people/cultural/commute/safety) then somehow combined and connected them and presented it as one idea/plan that speaks all our ideas.


Final result: We agreed on raising awareness/fund raising event poster (e.g. Bike For Life) about human rights and cultural oppression in Cardiff today. We exercised team building by creating a 3D bike model made of found objects. The bike is also to symbolise the community building within the event that we’re planning.


It was a good group work day. I’m glad that as a group, we were able to communicate and exchange our aspirations and worked together using our skills and knowledge to produce a 3D bike model.

3 Comments on “Week 4: Getting to know my field group”

  1. georgialuckman says:

    Thank you for your kind words Ayu! You write so well, its a pleasure being in a group with you 🙂

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