Advantages of tolerance and freedom to live life as individuals in multicultural society

I’m quite fortunate to have a subject that have close relation between Field individual and collaboration (group) projects. My individual project is about the cultural identity. I’m looking into the cross-cultural psychology which rises from migration of individuals who have developed in one cultural context when they attempt to live in a new cultural context. There is an interesting relationship arisen between cultural and behaviour, especially on the matter of importance in keeping one’s identity and characteristics. Here’s a sketch I made inspired by an artist work  titled ‘Machine’ by Stefan Zsaitsits for my cultural identity project:

My head-identity sketch

My head-identity sketch

'Machine' by Stefan Zsaitsits

‘Machine’ by Stefan Zsaitsits

Whilst my field group project is about raising awareness campaign/educating societies in areas of multiculturalism. The group subject was originated from our group research on how labelling in society shapes our identity. Long ago humans has began labelling each others based on skin tone which have no truth biologically because whether “black” or “white” don’t share the exact same skin tone. However humans continued to categorise each other which lead on determining the beliefs, socio economy, geographical location, gender/transgender and political views.

Between 1975 & 2008, on average nearly 7.7 thousand people per year migrated from Wales to overseas destinations, while 7.8 thousand people migrated into Wales from overseas. Since then the numbers of international migrants moving to Wales rose by 46 percent. Cardiff alone hold the highest inward migration within the UK and highest net international inward migration from overseas compare to other cities in Wales. 

As a result of migration, we are now the citizen of the world. Many societies become culturally plural. People from many cultural backgrounds come to live together in a diverse society. They form cultural groups that are not equal in power. These power difference have given rise to popular and social terms such as “Mainstream”, “Minority”, “Ethnic groups”, “Dominant” or “Non-dominant” and etc. Recognising equality, influences and changes could help balance within social class.

Advantages of multiculturalism:

  • As we are exposed to other cultures, we are able to learn from them. This lead to less racism, discrimination, harassment/bullying, fewer stereotyping and victimisation because people have adapted to each other and respect each other.
  • People see each other as who they are and not oh what and where they are from.
  • Developing tolerance for one another which lead to acceptance which base the freedom to live life as individuals.
  • Multiculturalism provides rich language, enrich innovation and creativity. Cultural celebrations such as local festivals (food, music or arts) promotes and attracts new residents and tourists to cities or local community.
  • Provides trades between the cities they are living and the countries of origin.
  • Broaden children’s understanding of the world and their neighbours through knowledge in school.
  • Skilled migrants can open doors to investment opportunities and attract foreign investment; enhance creativity, productivity and decision-making through diverse approaches.
  • Understanding global business and trade.
  • Expanding consumer base.

We then made plans for the outcomes of the project:

Lauren & Georgia: To design a poster about raising awareness campaign/educating societies in areas of multiculturalism with target of the general public. Link to Georgia’s blog:

Mwamba: To manage an experiment on human behaviour and its relationship with multiculturalism. Here’s a link to her experiment blog:

Ugur: to set an online survey in regard with the migration in the Cardiff city. Link to our online survey:

Me: to make an interactive artwork (pop off cubes) that inform about the advantages of multiculturalism. The target for the interactive cubes is children. Here’s a link of the pop off cubes in a video I made:

source materials:

Social class labelling article:


Office of National Statistics:

Stefan Zsaitsits:


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