Changing the subject matter of my project

My initial plan for the city individual project was to explore the life of the working class (as explained in my previous blog post: However because of an obstacle I faced I have to change course. Sometime result don’t come out exactly like I have planned. It is best to always have a contingency plan.  After going through the protocol of ethics, I did not received the permission to do research at the biggest steelwork in the City of Newport, Tata Steel. The research I was going to do were video recording, photography, interview, collecting found object and observational drawing. Sadly, because of health and safety reason and because they are currently conducting building renovation at the plant they are not allowing any research to be done. I was quite disappointed as this was my major source of primary research. But fortunately, my second research source (Newport Market) have given their permission. I will make plan with them to set a date for me to come and do video/voice recording, interview, collecting found objects and also observational drawings. I can also continue my time-lapse video using materials I find at the Newport Market.


So my new plan is to explore the cultural identity. I’m looking into the cross-cultural psychology which rises from migration of individuals who have developed in one cultural context when they attempt to live in a new cultural context. There is an interesting relationship arisen between cultural and behaviour, especially on the matter of importance in keeping one’s identity and characteristics. Mind map:

Cultural identity mind map

Cultural identity mind map

I have conducted few research. I recorded an interview with a Welsh man (originally from Ebbwvale) who have a job in Tata Steel Newport. I have also set up another interview of an immigrant from China who has been living in Newport for more than five years. My next step is to set up interviews of people who are from and have been living in Newport and migrants who live or trade in Newport. The main source of people is from the Newport Market. These interviews will be recorded. My plan is to use these voice recording and create an animation inspired by Nick Park’s Creature Comfort.

Important questions in the interview are:

  1. Do they change their behaviour/habits to be more appropriate in the new society?
  2. Is it considered to be of value to maintain/keep one’s identity and characteristics?
  3. Have they experience any prejudice/discrimination/stereotyping?
  4. Is it considered to be of value to maintain relationship with larger society?
  5. Have they experience language barrier?
  6. Is there any cultural conflict?
  7. Have they experience the culture shock?
  8. Is there any culture shredding or culture development occur that influence characteristic/human behaviour?

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