Artist Research #1

I’ve been looking into artists (illustration and fine art) to inspire me in designing one of my final works. My first artist inspiration is Stefan Zsaitsits. His illustration work is intricate and detailed. He works mainly using pencils and his subject are portrait and psychology. My second artist inspiration is Pat Perry. Her work is very expressive and surrealistic. She get her inspirations from her journey/travel to other countries and cities. These are two of their artworks that inspire me:

'Machine' by Stefan Zsaitsits

‘Machine’ by Stefan Zsaitsits

portrait of myself by ayu baker

portrait of myself by ayu baker


Pat Perry sketchbook work

Pat Perry’s sketchbook work

Collage by ayu baker

Collage by ayu baker

The body in the fourth image (collage) is in its fetal position as if it’s mimicking the fetus inside a womb which is connected with the umbilical cord to the collage image above it. The collage is Jakarta city skyline and frangipani flowers that grow all around Indonesia. This collage is to reflect my origin identity. I found both of of the illustrators are heavily influence by surrealism. They have great attention to detail. These are few things that I would like to take on board when planning my design for my final works.


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