Group forum

After an induction from field-collaboration tutors and further discussion on the subject matter (Cultural movement), the group members agreed on making an online ‘forum’ as a tool for us to discuss and share our findings (research). On February 4th, 2014, we have decided to to set up a Facebook group. We used the forum to share opinions and made final decision on our main topic which is to raise awareness in areas of multiculturalism in the city.

FB group screenshot

FB group screenshot

I shared my plan to make the pop off cubes as one of the outcomes for the project with the rest of group members through the Facebook group. I like that they are able to give opinions and inputs about my plan even though we’re not in the same room. It is also an effective tool for us to share our ideas anytime anywhere. Mwamba has also used the forum to share her ideas for experiment on human behaviour and multiculturalism relationship, Lauren and Georgia shared their research findings and their plan to make raising awareness posters, and Ugur also used it to update his task of creating online survey.

Our next plan is for each member to share their action plan of the assigned task, explain what they are planning on doing next and maybe for other members would like to give inputs and support using their particular skills. We also need to make final decision of our proposition. I personally think that the online group forum is a great tool to keep in touch, share, update and support each other therefore the outcomes of group project can be achieved.

Link to our Facebook group : Facebook group


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