Suggestion on group’s proposition

Our next task as a group is to make a proposition and action plan. In connection with the group subject matter, I suggested our proposition is to present our findings and collective work to organisations that deals with multiculturalism. The work may be useful for their campaign. Here’s few possible organisations that we can approach:

  1. Diverse Cymru – promoting equality for all:
  2. Race Equality First – in connection with racism & discrimination:
  3. Bawso – support in Black Ethnic Minority:

The possibility of the proposition is maybe we can build a relationship in support of their campaign. Our outcomes could be influenced by their specific requests. This could be useful for our skill enhancement because we may be able to apply and use our skills for public interests.


One Comment on “Suggestion on group’s proposition”

  1. […] their target and supporter from children, men and young people as well. Further more, we emailed few charities situated in Cardiff for their feedback on our charity website. One of the charity (Diverse Cymru) […]

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