week 5: Collective work – rough draft/design

On week 5, we’re asked to present our rough draft of the group work. In the presentation, we individually explained our tasks. Lauren and Georgia had managed to come up with four fantastic posters, Ugur set up an online survey which so far has 14 responses, and Mwamba further explained her plan for human behaviour experimentation.

Collective work

Collective work

We also received good feedback from our field tutors about our plans. They suggested us to decide the main focus on the multiculturalism, since it is quite a wide subject.

Pop-off cubes

In regard to my task, I have decided to target my audience to children because the pop off cubes seems to be more appealing to children than adults. The subject will be raising awareness about discrimination experienced by children with autism in school and society. The research that I have read stated that Four in 10 children with autism are being illegally excluded from school. 

Link of the article: Children with autism.

I found this research finding interesting because they way the children with autism and parents have been unfairly treated by the people they trust. The parents believe and expect the teachers and society would open up and support their children no matter what, instead because of lack knowledge and understanding in handling or how to treat autism the children have suffer from discrimination. I would like to use the pop off cubes as a tool to educate children about autism. Through a better understanding, children and maybe teachers could adapt and respect each other therefore they would accept and support children with autism.


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  1. […] have produced a box play with the theme of raising awareness of Autism (as explained in my previous blog post about children with autism). The aim of the educational box play is to give better understanding to children in regard with […]

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