Why do we make?

It was an interesting day. In today’s lecture, I’m introduced with what I recognise as ‘Design’ is rather more like ‘Growth’. I understand better when I get the chance to do experiment in order to prove a theory. So my lecturer gave each of us different materials to make something with. I was given craft wire, the others got clay in variety of colours and wooden sticks. While in the process of making, Dr. Martyn played us an instrumental music. After ten minutes or so he changed the music into a different one but still an instrumental/acoustic sound. So here is what I made at that moment:

cat made of wire by me

cat made of wire by me

I’ve made a cat mask. At first I wanted to do a star shape and then the music came on. The music made me think of a cat. And I remember a cat was the last image I saw in the morning before I went to Uni. In the second session of the lecture, my lecturer explained to us that the music he played for us was an acoustic music made by Highland gypsy acoustic group who like to travel into the forest. The ‘artefacts’ that we all made somehow resembles with the flow and rhythm of the music. The sound of the music sort of influenced my hand movement. After ten minutes, a similar music played and it made my hand movement more flowy in accordance with the music. Surprisingly the forms of the the artefacts resembles nature (sun, wave, river current, tree, and fire). Colour has also gave input into the mind of the creator, e.g. someone has made a form that looks like a sea wave based on the colour of the clay which was blue, and someone made a fire based on the red colour clay. I found that the environment influenced the creator when making as well as the material; and in my case I also input my own memory into my artefact.

So in conclusion, creativity is more complex than just following a step by step plan or instructions. What we recognise as a ‘Design’ is actually rather more like ‘Growth’. The practitioner’s movement, the environment (conditions) and materials/properties and resistance of matter are all influence each other which create a mutual involvement.


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