Week 8 – A productive week

Week 8 was a productive week, in term of working together with my field group and maybe also because it’s the last week before the final presentation. We talked about the update of our work and received good feedback from the lecturer. He wanted us to put focus on the target audience of our charity and campaign on raising awareness in multicultural Cardiff. We think that we’d like to keep the target audience to be open for public. One of the example that could explain about a broad target audience is the Cancer research charity. At first the charity aimed only at supporting women with breast cancer but in time they have expanded their target and supporter from children, men and young people as well. Further more, we emailed few charities situated in Cardiff for their feedback on our charity website. One of the charity (Diverse Cymru) gave their valuable feedback on the website. Soon after we updated the website based on their suggestions. I think now the website look more professional and well put together.

Multicultural Cardiff web

Multicultural Cardiff web

We also discussed about final presentation. The lecturer suggested that the presentation need to be insightful of our project and interactive with the viewers. We decided to produce leaflets and wear one of our charity product (t-shirt) at the presentation day. I transferred one of Lauren’s design on the t-shirts using the iron-on transfer paper. We also discussed about the main points that we would like to present on March 18th how we’re going to present our work.

Multicultural Cardiff T-shirt product

Multicultural Cardiff T-shirt product prints by Ayu and designed by Lauren


Group presentation leaflets by Lauren

Group presentation leaflets by Lauren



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