Week 9 – Short reflection after group formative assessment

We gave a great presentation today. The lecturers were impressed with what we did in promoting the charity website by wearing our t-shirt product and handing out leaflets. We’ve done well and that reflected in our assessment. I’m glad that as a group, we were able to work together effectively, communicated and shared our ideas, gave constructive inputs, improved our problem solving skill, and learnt new skill from each other. Particularly with my educational box design. I’ll always keep in mind the advised that Ugur (from product design) gave me; to consider the needs of people and how the product interact with existing products, and also to consider about the sustainability of the product. These are useful tips for design planning. I also learnt about designing posters for my editorial work from Georgia and Lauren (both from illustration) which I can use for my individual project. There’s still a little bit improvement need to be done in term of the website, we need to update the logistic matter based on the feedback received from Diverse Cymru.

I remember in the first week at the group induction that I was nervous putting myself out and to work with people I didn’t know. Now I’m glad that I’ve put myself and ideas out and worked at my best, but also gained new experience and new friends through Field group project.


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