Used objects by Newport-ers

I’m always interested in drawing and documenting found objects or still life objects. During my exploration of Newport city, I’ve collected quite a lot of leaflets, local newspaper, free magazines, tickets and shop receipts. So I decided to make an artwork to document these objects and I think that Jasper Johns‘ collage of found object technique suits the project. In order to add context into the artwork, I’ve bought objects from the local charity shops as well.

Used objects of Newporters - Ayu Baker - 28/03/14

Used objects of Newporters – Ayu Baker – 28/03/14

The reason why I bought objects from local charity shops is because I think that the stuff the shops sell mirrors the people of Newport. There’re stories behind every objects I found and bought. What ever or where ever their journey were, now it’s all collected in one. I’ve also transformed found objects to better use rather than chucking them in the bin. The collage contains:

  • Images and words from children’s books I bought from charity shop (“It’s Your Turn, Roger!” by Susanna Gretz, “The Little House by the Sea” by Benedict Blathwayt, and “The Very Lazy Ladybird” by Isobel Finn & Jack Tickle).
  • Newport city newsletter.
  • Shop fliers and restaurant receipts.
  • Local magazines.
  • Fabrics bought from local charity shops
  • Bubble wrap I picked up next to my neighbour’s recycle bin.
  • Few decorative papers from my study room.

    original objects (found and bought)

    original objects (found and bought)


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