A glimpse of Newport

After experimenting on how to create time lapse video, here’s a final product of time lapse video of Newport, South Wales. It’s a way of showcasing the city and documenting my exploration. The video was made with Lapseit App on iPhone5. Locations in the video are Llanmartin bridge & field, Newport city market, Tredegar house, and town centre view from NCP car park. Video editor I used is VideoPad software and music is edited by me copyright to BFM Music “Ray of light” by Madonna.

It was a shame that I couldn’t include Newport transporter bridge in this video because the bridge is currently shut and opens only in the summer. I also plan to shoot a video at Tata Steel plant but due to no permission granted, I couldn’t show a glimpse of steel workers’ life at work, which would have been great considering steel industry was a big part of Newport economy development.

I’ve gained many experiences from this project, especially in dealing with people and finding a story source for future project e.g. the vibrant life at the Newport city market.


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