PDP Entry

As an illustrator, I constantly think about how to make image that speaks to the viewers. It tells them a narrative, brings life to an idea or concept visually, it contains a message, transfers information and offers a visual addition to a text. It also must be able to present the object in an interesting and engaging manner. When I was first introduced with Constellation, I have a lot of questions. The “How am I going to use this knowledge for my discipline”?, “Is constellation going to take out time of drawing?” and “Is PDP going to do any good for my drawing skill?” and so on. I attended in the first term of keynote and study skill sessions with open mind. I needed to find the answers to my questions. Some of the keynote and study skill were very interesting. “Making” keynote by Dr. Jon Clarkson and Prof. Jeff Jones has theories that have correlation to my discipline. Dr. Mahnaz Shaz’s study skill “Identifying a question” was actually the one that I enjoyed the most even though at first it was quite a hard subject to grasp but the sessions has introduced me to think critically by looking deeper into what, how and when of an art is. By the end of term, I still haven’t found what will constellation bring toward my illustration study.

On the second term, the theory has become more focus. I chose “Expressing the unseen” by Dr. Martyn Woodward because I like what he presented on the presentation session and I feel that the subject have close relation in the theory part of my discipline. Through out the study skill sessions, I began to understand that by learning the history and theory I can enhance my image making technique, but it also has introduced me to see from different point of views. Embodiment, Constructivist perception and Defamiliarization theory has helped me understand more about design and image making that can send message visually. Some of the practices that I have done as an illustrator were in Words to draw by and Personification. During my research for my individual – Field work, I found an inspirational book that applies Defamiliarization theory written by Kurt Schwitters tittled “The story about a rabbit”. I managed to practice my narrative skill though making strange technique. On the fourth & fifth week, I’ve learnt that our experience, psychology, material and environment affect my way of design and making activity.

I think Constellation has influenced me in the way of seeing an artwork and design and to think more critically. I will continue to find correlation between principles, theory and technique and investigate which practise that can improve my illustration skill. I will continue to open my mind to opportunities of learning new knowledge. I also feel that by documenting the progress and development of my study by blogging has improved my confident in promoting my artwork even though I’m still at the amateur level. It’s also a good place to express, reflect and evaluate my work for better result in the future.

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