The All Women Gulabi Gang: The Pink Vigilante Activists of India.

Inspiring women!
I don’t agree with the beating men punishment part tho.

Shack Diaries

The Gulabi Gang (pink gang) is a women’s movement based in India’s Uttar Pradesh region. It’s estimated that they now have many thousands within their group.

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Known for dressing in pink saris, they were founded by former health worker and mother of 5, Sampat Pal Devi in response to widespread male violence, such as rape, child marriage and domestic violence.

Members are trained in use of the laathis (tradition Indian sticks) when threatened with attack themselves. They are also been known to shame, threaten and beat violent husbands in order to stop their abuses.

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The Gulabi Gang also rejects the corruption of state officials, and have been known to storm police stations, attacking policemen in cases of injustice. They stand up against anti-poor prejudice and are also highly concerned with issues such as dowry deaths, depleting water resources, farm subsidies and how funds are being stolen in government projects.


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