Second day in Marrakech

The group went on a tour of Marrakech city. We visited (briefly) museums (Dar Si Said and Jardin Majorelle), Koutoubia Mosque, gardens, and souks. We had lunch in a beautiful restaurant called Ksar El Hamra. The food was so delicious and the service was lovely. It was my first time eating Chicken Ta’jin (Moroccan local cuisine).
The places we visited were all inspiring and I can’t wait to go back to do some drawing and explore more historic places (especially Jardin Majorelle museum & garden).

Jardin Majorelle is consists of two hectares garden which was first built by Jacques Majorelle (a French painter 1886-1962) & a museum of The Berber (in Jacques Majorelle’s house) which displays personal collection of Berber artefacts by Pierre Berge & Yves Saint Laurent. It is where Blue Majorelle colour came from.

Dar Si Said is a house owned by Si Said with high wall and garden in the middle. It is now a museum that displays moroccan artefacts, art and crafts.

Kotubia mosque is the largest one in Marrakech. Only muslims are allowed in.

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