Haggle, haggle and haggle

We went to the souks in the morning on our third day in Marrakech. It was quite an experience. Pricing is done by haggle and I’m not good at it. My first buy was five spices that I intended to use as a sensory smell activity for the children at the school for the blind that we visited in the afternoon. Five spices for 30Dh = £2.50 which I think it’s cheap but when I found out that other shop can give me lower price for it I feel that I have been robbed. My second one was buying fabric dye that I want to use for painting/drawing. I managed to get cheap price 100Dh = £7 for ten different colours. I cant wait to use it for drawing. The colour came from mineral (obtain my mining and sometime found in roots of certain plants in the high atlas mountain). They’re vibrant colours and some of them can change colour!

Photos are coming soon.


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