Idris, a spice shop assistant from Berber & Film night

My room mates and I found a spices shop in the souks run by a Berber man. His name is Idris. I manage to buy 10 colour pigments that I will use for drawing/painting. He advised me with tips of how to apply and what not to do with the pigments. He told us that he was once a university student, but had to drop out. He then worked at a mining industry to earn money but had to give up his job because the mineral price went low, that’s why he is now an assistant at the spice shop. He also shared his childhood stories at a Berber village.

On the next evening, we had a film night. The film is Hideous Kinky which is directed by Gillied MacKinnon and written by Esther Freud & Billy MacKinnon. It’s telling a story about a woman who’s on soul searching & self discovery mission after a failed marriage. She travelled to Morocco with her two daughters. They venture on new experiences of life in Morocco, engaging with the people and culture. The film is set around 70’s hippie era. It was nice to see interesting places in Marrakech that I’ve visited and want to visit as well as cultural and entertainment show that I wasn’t able to see during my stay in Marrakech (i.e. mining life & the cavalier performance).

Here’s the trailer:


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