Berber Village & Mountain climbing

Before we visit a Berber village we went on a Berber traditional market. This market reminds me of a market back in my hometown (Indonesia). Most berber have agriculture produce and they market it at the traditional market. The Berber village that we visited on Friday is Ourika village. I can see evidence that it’s been touched by modern civilisation as seen on some of the concrete structure of the houses and modern toilet as well as westernised clothing. I can feel that tourism is a part of the village’s income. Nevertheless, I admire how they still keep their berber identity such as language, textiles, friendliness, hospitality and tolerance for new culture and people. We were welcomed in one of the house with smiles and openness. They served us with nice mint tea and home made bread with honey, olive oil and butter dips. The house is run by the women of the family. I believed the household skills (such as cooking, weaving, henna art) are passed down for generations. It was such pleasure and humbling visit. I saw lots of household still produce weaving products that applied berber signature art in colour and signs/symbolism (red-blue-green-yellow colours and geometric & diamond shape influenced from Islamisation). In the afternoon we visited a cooperative bussiness run by widowed/low-income women/spinster in the community. It’s nice to see that even though they are not provided with support from the government they have positive attitude and actively earn their own income to support each other and their community. After that visit we went on mountain climbing to see a waterfall. I only finished 3/4 of the climb as I felt light headed. The whole day was one experience that I will never forget.

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