Jardin Majorelle, Exhibition night & Story teller

We went back to Jardin Majorelle Garden & Museum to do some drawing and for me to buy a book about the Berber women. Sadly I was not allowed to draw artefacts inside the museum nor take any pictures, so I have to draw from books and postcards I got from there. I drew few plants in the garden and decoration I found on plants pot. They use geometric shape and flat planes, vibrant colour (yellow, blue majorelle, orange, green, red).

In the evening, we all went to Cafe Clock to attend an exhibition by Milo (fine art course student). He made a great narrative based graffiti on the cafe’s wall. After that we got a chance to see a story teller (Hikayat). Hikayat is a traditional story telling that has been passed down for centuries. It was perform by a master story teller Ahmed Ezzarghani and his two apprentices. I am amazed by how passionate the story tellers were. They used a lot of hand gesture, tone on the voice to emphasise a scene, and they owned the stage. Event hough Ahmed Ezzarghani spoke in Arabic, his performance captured my attention and made me listen.

Here’s a short video of his performance. I couldn’t record the whole show because my memory card was full.


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