Letter to Mother workshop

The Letter to Mother is a stitch diary workshop that aims at the victims of FGM in the UK. The purpose is to help the victims to empower themselves through art and craft. Stitching will be by hand because it will provide flexibility in time and space as well as access of tools (fabric, needle, hoop and thread). The stitch work can be as simple as text, image, applique, attaching objects or combination of all techniques.

The workshop will start with creating collage work that intend to build relationship based on trust between me and the participants. The collage will be about their name, their like/dislike, their study/job, their passion and dreams. Workshop will continue with introduction on hand embroidery/stitch. With this workshop I am hoping that they can express their memories and feelings of the terrible experience they had as well as helping them with strength to move forward. The outcome of the workshop can be compiled into a book or to be displayed on the wall (depends on participants’ consent). The work may be anonymous in order to protect the victims’ safety.

© Ayu Baker - Letter to Mother stitch workshop pitch - #EndFGM Campaign- March 2015.

© Ayu Baker – Letter to Mother stitch workshop pitch – #EndFGM Campaign- March 2015.


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  1. […] the delicate matter of the subject, I’ve decided to set up a stitch workshop called Letter to Mother. I believe that stitch is one of the simplest art form that can be use in expressing feelings and […]

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