The Brain in Love

Ted Talk

© Ayu Baker. 2015. Ted Talk Book.

For the TED Talk project, I’ve chosen The Brain in Love talk by Dr. Helen Fisher from Rutgers University, USA. She and her team studied gender differenced and evolution of human emotion by taking MRI scans of brains of long-term couples, new couples, and people who had just been dumped.

The research concluded that ‘Romantic Love’ phase in the brain can effect humans behaviour and decision making in term of seeking love to fall in love, keeping a long term relationship, to have sexual connection, kill for love or even die for love. When humans have romantic attraction the brain produces hormones that influence feeling & emotion (+testosterone, +dopamine, +norepinephrine, -serotonin). These hormones give us the butterfly in stomach and heart beating fast when humans fall in love. When humans are madly in love, part of the brain begin to shut down.

The research proposed three stages of being in love:

  1. Lust – influences from testosterone & oestrogen (sex drive).
  2. Attraction – love stuck phase, can’t think of anyone else (dopamine, norepinephrine, – serotonin).
  3. Attachement – influences from oxytocin & vasopressin that make humans feel of mutual teritory, parental feeling, security, comfort (compassionate love).

So, I decided to focus on my work on the tree stages of being in-love. I used thread to create the drawing because I want to achieve a 2D/3D effect. The display ideas is inspired from petri dish.

TED Talks video by Dr Helen Fisher

Few sketches on my book:


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