Field Module – End of 2nd Year PDP

Second year’s Field module is far more ‘busier’ than first year. We are able to choose subject that correlates and support our discipline. The subjects I chose are Synergies between Materials and Technology in term 1 and Global Collaboration – Morocco for term 2. Through out term 1, I feel that the knowledge I gained from the module has changed the way I think of materials and technology especially in implementation of mix media in my illustration. The trip to Morocco has also informed me greatly with use of colour, decoration/pattern and techniques as well as culture influences.

For Dyffyn house – Story room project, I applied the principles of Synergies between material & technology in the work. My subject matter is fashion style of one of Cory family member (Florence Cory) who owned the house before it was taken over by National Trust. I created a 2D mix media work – watercolour and thread. I think that use of thread enhanced the idea or value that I am trying to communicate through the work. Choosing the colour of thread & drawing are also important so that the work speaks and translates the fashion style of that period (Edwardian era). Upon request by the National Trust who are now runs the house & garden, my piece will be displayed as a feature in Florence Cory’s room permanently.

I’ve also used the principles of synergies in my subject module – charity project – stitch workshop. The charity theme is to End FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) in the UK in cooperation with local charity (Bawso). Bawso requested me to formulate an art-base workshop that encourage the involvement of the victims of violence. Considering the delicate matter of the subject, I’ve decided to set up a stitch workshop called Letter to MotherI believe that stitch is one of the simplest art form that can be use in expressing feelings and emotions or memories into words or images. Stitch also has a down to earth value but not less expressive compare to other art forms such as drawing/painting or photography. The project has also involved general public in support for the victims of violence. Their involvement is also in a form of stitch (to be made into a quilt and a book) – Leave a Legacy Stitch book. Participants sent positive messages in support of the victims. The feedback I received from general public involved was that because it’s a stitch work, they feel that it’s quite easy to achieve and they can do it whenever, wherever.

Because I felt that my skill in stitching & embroidery are very basic, I decided to take up the Wednesdays stitch workshop by Maggie Cullinane from Textile course. I also took a stitch workshop with a Textile artist – Tilleke Schwarz organised by Textile course in order to enhance my stitch & embroidery technique. I certainly have gained so much knowledge and skill which I can apply in and outside university projects.

I feel that stitch & embroidery has become the main medium of my illustration. I would like to experiment a lot more in the summer toward my third year. I would like to play more on different thread and fabric, colour combination, techniques and dimensions which thread can offer.


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