2nd Year Reflection

It certainly has been a very busy year for me. Applying visual language project really had set me to further understand my illustration style. I explored mataphor for my subject module and dissertation topic. I found that it’s really helpful when both modules corelates with each other. This year’s field module (Synergies between materials & tecnology and Morocco) & Stitch workshop has changed the way I view my work. I started to do stitch work for Dyffryn house – Stitch room project then I decided that I wanted to go deeper into this medium of thread, fabric manipulation as well as fabric dye process. I’ve also joined a workshop with textile artist – Tilleke Schwarz tin order to understand stitch technique in narrative and reportage style. The outcome of that workshop is in one of final works for Morroco project. 

Applying principles of synergies between materials & technology into my charity project has enhanced the charity’s purpose/aim and helped me understand metaphor even more. I enjoyed this project because we get to be involved with the real world, build relationship with communities and try make a difference by contributing my skill and knowledge. Charity and Ted Talks are the projects that I enjoyed the most. 

This year, we have the opportunity to display our works on our desk and exhibit it in our end of year exhibition. I didn’t realise that I enjoyed preparing the exhibition. It’s a new experience to curate my own work. I will experiment on thread art during summer toward my final year. I feel that thread is the main medium in my illustration.




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