During summer I’ve done some experiments with thread and stitch. Thread is main medium for my illustration. I like the metaphor that is embedded in thread and stitch which is mending, repairing, connecting/re-connecting. I made some stitch to illustrate from information I’ve gathered about Alzheimer’s disease. I found that people suffer from dementia have disconnected neurons synapses in which make them loose memories and abilities to perform everyday chores. Throughout 10-20 years the symptoms will increase although in some cases it could increase a lot faster and then in the end it will effect senses and balance.

Process of creating the image 5, 6, 7: image is stitch on dissolvable fabric. Then the fabric will disappear once it’s put in warm water leaving the stitched image still intact. The process where the fabric disappear represents the loss of memories, however the stitched image left represents the essence that is still inside of the person who have alzheimer’s, i.e. love, interest, etc.

Family/carer feel that the memory loss could be brought back at certain moments when it’s being sparked by events, song/music, touching object and activities. The Fabric dye pockets experiment is to find process of “reappearing” in regard with sparking memories back.

Dissolvable fabric & fabric dye experiment video:


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