Ideas: 2 – Fragmented Objects display/Installation

Ideas number 2: to display/create installation of fragmented objects & memories. I choose everyday objects and memories because we perceived our own perception of objects and memories through bodily experiences. The aim of fragmented everyday objects/memories is to represent loosing coordination, having hallucinations and loosing feeling/sensitivity-empathy, changing of personality and short-term memory loss suffered by early-onset dementia patients. Although, I believe that the essence of the person is still inside, it needs to be brought back by sparking their memories and senses. So fragmented objects can also represent the memory/senses coming back as well as represent disappearance.

Process of creating the objects/image: will be made with thread (embroidery) & textile and stitch on dissolvable fabric. Then the fabric will disappear once it’s put in warm water leaving the stitched image still intact. The process where the fabric disappear represents the loss of memories, however the stitched image left represents the essence that is still inside of the person who have alzheimer’s, i.e. love, interest, etc.

shredded cloth

shredded cloth


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