Alzheimer’s seminar & CARIAD project involvement to support my intentions

With the help of Louisa, I’ve got in contact with a neuroscientist from Bristol University. He referred me to a seminar to present recent development in alzheimer’s disease research. I’ve booked a space to attend the seminar Alzheimer’s: Beyond the Gene scheduled on Nov 23rd in hope that I gain more knowledge and understanding about finding a cure to alzheimer’s. The seminar is a join seminar from Cardiff University and Bristol University. See attached file for detail programme.

Programme of events

I’ve attended a lecture by Prof. Cathy Treadaway on Oct 14th on her research and design​​​ project with CARIAD – Centre for Applied Research in Inclusive Arts and Design titled Making a Difference: Designing for Happiness. The lecture was about her involvement in helping people on late stage of dementia through sensory objectHANDS design to spark memory loss.

Using practical participatory approaches, in which people are kept at the heart of the process, it is possible to gain insights into human experience and then design positively to promote human flourishing and enhance wellbeing.

Creative activities can be used as powerful and life-changing opportunities to contribute to dialogues in the design process. Making by hand, gesture and touch can be used as valuable tools to unlock thinking, reframe problems and aid communication. Participatory approaches that combine empathy and creative group activities are being used in a number of CARIAD led international research projects that seek to address the global design challenge of caring for our ageing society. LAUGH, Sensor e-Textiles, Hand i Pockets and HANDS are all projects that focus on design to support the wellbeing of people with dementia.

The lecture has inspired me, so I sent an email to Prof Treadaway to request for a chance to get involve in her project. After a meeting with her few weeks back, she is giving me the opportunity to observe and draw a Tea party at a nursing home in West Swansea on 22nd of November for a celebration of handing over memory aprons to dementia patients. Hopefully what I gain from the event would be able to feed to my current project as well as producing a response that communicate a message & raising awareness of dementia.


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