Alzheimer’s petients interview

My second involvement with LAUGH project by Prof Cathy Treadaway from CARIAD Cardiff is to document a conversation between her team and members of SURPS group & Alzheimer’s society based in Cardiff. The session outcome was very valuable and gave a lot of insight to daily life and how patients really feel about the disease and how they cope with it.

Here’re sketches from the session:

David Hockey’s photo collage

G. Perry’s The Annunciation of Virgin Deal. Image by me.

Inspired by Greyson perry’s The Annunciation of the Virgin Deal and David Hockney’s photo collage composition, I’ve made design as one of the final outcome of my project. The work is hand embroidery on different sizes of hoops, put together to look like a collage and texts to highlight the conversation. I chose the colour to be bright because I think it is important to lift the mood and as a reflection of the patients’ life.

Bellow is the 1st finished version illustration shown for Within/Without group exhibition at PaperArts, Bristol. I have made the text into 3D texts using thread to give more impact to the work for Summer show.

conversation with Alz patients © Ayu Baker 2016. Image by Jakeem Lee.

Further more, I have prepare stitch text which I’m going to display for the degree show.


stitch text © Ayu Baker 2016


text 1 – © Ayu Baker 2016


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