Fundraising for show’s promotional catalogue

I joined as one of illustration committee for my year catalogue and as one of our effort to fund it is by raising money through bake sale. I always enjoy the prep and logistic side of organising so this time I helped out with some table cloth, plates, and decorations. I participated twice in the bake sale and It was a lot of fun to bake this year as I’m passionate in raising the money so that we can get the catalogue that we all wanted. It was also a good decision to bake savoury food instead of the sweet because a lot of students prefer savoury and a change from the sweets. Although we didn’t raise full amount of money but we managed to raise almost half of the required full fund which is £2000.

We also had a Davie Bowie night to raise some money as well, and sadly I couldn’t participate because I have other engagement to attend, although I donated drinks and snack towards it.

Illustration Bake sale 2016


Illustration bake sale 2016. Thanks to Patrick H for manning the stall.


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