Visual song activity

I always remember the fun memory I had with my late father and my sisters on weekend where we would play records and sing along to it. He loved Engelbert Humperdinck’s songs. He had all of his records and used to perform his songs on stage every year at independence day celebration. Several years after he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he began to forget the lyrics of his fav songs. We used to belt out the ref to Please release me and Quando, Quando, Quando. Although he can’t remember the lyrics no more he was still able to recognise the rhythm of those songs and then played them on repeat.

That memory inspired me to come up with an activity that aims to encourage conversation between Azlheimer’s patients with their carers through listening to music and embroidery. Research shown that music can boost our brain activity that is linked to memory, cognition and problem solving. The embroidery work will take form as an abstract art that is generated from music visualisation apps.


Quando, Quando, Quando, E. Humperdinck – song visualisation © Ayu Baker, 2016. Thread & Textile.

How it work:

  • the activity will involve stitching which kit I will provide at the exhibition. The kit includes embroidery hoop and fabric, thread and needle, and instruction sheet.
  • Before starting the embroidery work, carer would have to download music visualisation app into their smartphones, laptop or tablet from online app store. The apps that are free to download are iTunes, Audiogasm, Gravitarium or Svarm and Wizzj.
  • Once the apps is downloaded, carer can play patients’ fav song on it and then take a screenshot of the abstract art. Sample:

Quando quando quando song visualisation from iTunes app. image by me

  • Carers then can start the embroidery work while listening to the song with the patients and have conversation down the memory lane. Sample is on the 1st above image.


So for the exhibition I have prepare 20 embroidery kits that I will give out to people who are interested and is a carer to Alzheimer’s patients, and if I still have spare I would introduce and give them to nursing home or Azheimer’s Society Cardiff.

Visual song goodie bag prep. © Ayu Baker 2016.


music embroidery instruction copy

embroidery kit instruction © Ayu Baker 2016.


a few of the embroidery kits 



2 Comments on “Visual song activity”

  1. claidig says:

    This is a really sweet idea!

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