Within/Without Group Exhibition

I was part of a group exhibition of 16 – 3rd year illustration students held in PAPERArts, Bristol on April 7-13th this year.  Few of us went to Bristol for a pre research the location so that we could have the perfect space. We’re looking for a location that is easy to access by general public. After few discussion and voting, we agreed on PAPAERArts exhibition space located right in the city centre.

Trip to Bristol to check out the space for the exhibition. image by Georgia Luckman.


My initial plan for this external exhibition is to display a multi-sensory installation, but because I think the space could not accomodate it well I have to rethink and made a plan b. I decided to use an illustration I made from an interview session with Alzheimer’s society Cardiff.

a conversation with alz patients © Ayu Baker, 2016. Image by Jakeem Lee.

The initial plan for this piece was A1 size compiled from 7 embroidery hoops. During the process I decided that I need to focus on what I’m trying to communicate instead of emphasising on the size and also because I do not want to include pieces that just ‘decorate’ the main piece. One thing that need to be corrected is the spelling and text which was planned to be made by thread but because I was running out of time I had to print the texts instead and stuck on foam board. Further more, I realised that this have not give the same impact and feeling that I’m looking for. Therefore for my final work, I have made the texts with thread in larger size and weight.

This was my first group exhibition experience. I’ve learnt so much from my friends, especially about promoting, logistic and all preparation side of it. Taking time and wisely accommodate ideas to decide the right theme that suits all of our work is a great way to have good exhibition. Helping out each other with logistic matter  and putting up work was a lot of fun as well.

My first opening night went great, met people who are interested in my work and had chat with them about why and how I created the work. The feedback was great although my tutor pointed a spelling mistake on one of my text! Oh Gosh! but anyway I still can fix it for my degree show, so no panic!

2nd group opening night

2nd group illustrator!





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