Invitation to Summer Show 2016

I’ve decided to send separate invitation to the summer show to several organisations that I had good cooperation with, i.e. CARIAD, SURPS members & Alzheimer’s society, other artist whose work had dealt with dementia issue and also to few carer company and life org. The invitation is especially set up for them to view my work. I’ve received good responses back and hopefully I will meet few of them at preview night or at the opening which make me feel more nervous actually.

Although, by sending out personal invitation has opened up good opportunity for me to exhibit my work. One of a good response I received is from NHS gallery manager who is interested in displaying my work at their gallery. They have organised a Dementia/Memory exhibition at Llandough hospital which I will be joining from 9th May to 1st of June, 2016. This is a great opportunity to be part of dementia week and raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease outside of university. 


invitation . Ayu Baker 2016.