Self promotion/Professional Practice

Professional practice workshop with Dan Peterson was absolutely helpful and insightful. It gave me an understanding of what it is like to be an artist/illustrator in the world of art and design, the need of building network and knowing how much our work is worth. Job competition is looking tough but so long as I understand what makes myself unique and stand out then hopefully the future won’t be so frightening.

Preparing the physical and digital portfolio was also a valuable workshop. Dan gave us input of what is necessary to prepare and things that need to be rid off, for example is like I have to always update the portfolio and to have a physical portfolio that is rearrangeable depends on the company/agency that I will be applying to.

In regards with creative CV, I attended few workshop with Uni’s career adviser. My CV is now based on structure that is changeable depends in what type of job I’m applying for. I also need to consider the visual impact of it so that my CV would be memorable enough for future employer to call me for an interview.

I also made a website with my domain name, and other social media accounts such as instagram & twitter to promote my work. All this is important so that I can have a place in the digital work and would be easy to search from the search engine.

woolanayucymru twitter

instagram account

business card


And part of my self promotion pack, I’ve made a set of business card, CV and portfolio postcards ready to be sent out.

self promotion pack (cv, bussines card, postcard portrolio)