Encounter PDP

I always try to be on top of things and be organised and I did not think that I could feel this much pressure and tiredness at the same time until penultimate night of show build where things went not as planned. My preparation for the degree show has become a bit more of a priority at the beginning of term two. Days after my proposal for the exhibition display is approved, I started to do some research to get cheap breakfast table & chairs from the internet. While looking for the perfect furniture set, I wanted to do my second fabric newspaper, unfortunately the stock fabric was not available so I ended up remaking my 1st fabric newspaper with hand embroidery, in which meant it’s taking the time that I don’t have left to do other project. Once the newspapers are stitched, I made a model of the multi-sensory installation from doll-house furniture and foam board so that I can see what would it look like when the newspaper is suspended from the ceiling. The installation will also include buzzing sound using a headphone and a book explaining about Alzheimer’s disease. The book is meant to give an interesting new-way of looking at brain parts and its functions that could be damaged by the disease. The book was made by hand stitch and machine titled Alzheimer’s: within. Up until the crucial two-weeks of show build, I’ve made plans of what things I want to do first for my designated space and help each fellow out so that we can have a fantastic show, but unfortunately expectation and reality are two different things. I had fun and learnt so much from building our show and space. I learnt that compromise is the key to a great show, especially when we have limited space and time. Although, I do feel guilty for asking the show supervisor and technicians for help. I feel that I would rather do things by myself and I was not able to communicate my thoughts and plans smoothly and clearly. I was afraid of sounding like a demanding student. Nevertheless, I honestly cannot fault the help and assistant I received from everyone.

While working toward my degree show, I joined a group exhibition with my fellow final students (16 students). The Within/Without exhibition at PAPERArts, Bristol was a very valuable experience as it was my first “organised by our own show”. I learnt about curating the art and space from other students who had the experience before me. I also used the group show as a platform to practice my team work skill, networking and confidence.

For my own promotional reason, I sent our invitation to several organisations that deals with dementia such as the local Cardiff Alzheimer Society, Life org, carer org and CARIAD and SURPS members. The feedback I received so fas is that they are pleased with my reportage illustration – embroidery work and they are planning to go and see my work at the opening day. One positive thing that came out of sending personal invites is opening opportunity for me to be a part of group exhibition at Llandough Hospital gallery, University Hospital Wales. The show is meant for participating in the dementia week. The show will run from 9th May to 1st June, 2016. The object I am displaying are the brain parts which functions are significant for a person’s life.




Invitation to Summer Show 2016

I’ve decided to send separate invitation to the summer show to several organisations that I had good cooperation with, i.e. CARIAD, SURPS members & Alzheimer’s society, other artist whose work had dealt with dementia issue and also to few carer company and life org. The invitation is especially set up for them to view my work. I’ve received good responses back and hopefully I will meet few of them at preview night or at the opening which make me feel more nervous actually.

Although, by sending out personal invitation has opened up good opportunity for me to exhibit my work. One of a good response I received is from NHS gallery manager who is interested in displaying my work at their gallery. They have organised a Dementia/Memory exhibition at Llandough hospital which I will be joining from 9th May to 1st of June, 2016. This is a great opportunity to be part of dementia week and raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease outside of university. 


invitation . Ayu Baker 2016.

Dementia/Memory exhibition

As a result of digital networking a.k.a. sending digital invitation to chosen organisations, I have been given an opportunity to be part of my Alzheimer’s project work in Threads: Memory in focus group exhibition at Llandough hospital gallery at University Hospital Wales in Cardiff. The show will run from 9th May to 1st June, 2016 and opening night will be on the 19th of May. I feel blessed that I’m able to participate at this exhibition as it is being held during the dementia week and I hope that my work could reach wider viewers and shine light to Alzheimer’s disease issue.

Brain part. © Ayu Baker 2016

glass box placement

exhibition/gallery space


Self promotion/Professional Practice

Professional practice workshop with Dan Peterson was absolutely helpful and insightful. It gave me an understanding of what it is like to be an artist/illustrator in the world of art and design, the need of building network and knowing how much our work is worth. Job competition is looking tough but so long as I understand what makes myself unique and stand out then hopefully the future won’t be so frightening.

Preparing the physical and digital portfolio was also a valuable workshop. Dan gave us input of what is necessary to prepare and things that need to be rid off, for example is like I have to always update the portfolio and to have a physical portfolio that is rearrangeable depends on the company/agency that I will be applying to.

In regards with creative CV, I attended few workshop with Uni’s career adviser. My CV is now based on structure that is changeable depends in what type of job I’m applying for. I also need to consider the visual impact of it so that my CV would be memorable enough for future employer to call me for an interview.

I also made a website with my domain name, and other social media accounts such as instagram & twitter to promote my work. All this is important so that I can have a place in the digital work and would be easy to search from the search engine.

woolanayucymru twitter

instagram account

business card


And part of my self promotion pack, I’ve made a set of business card, CV and portfolio postcards ready to be sent out.

self promotion pack (cv, bussines card, postcard portrolio)

Prep for Summer Show 16

I started the prep for my exhibition by making model of the room and breakfast table for the multi-sensory installation. I could not find a perfect breakfast table model so I bought the dining set. Bellow is my model:

model for breakfast table room

After a long search at few charity shops for the right furniture and online, finally I found cheap sale from Cardiff and Neath. 

table & chairs painted ready for show

I will also need a specific shape of plinth for my textile/stitch book. 

plinth design for stitch book

Show build! so far

Wax on, Wax off and on our hands and knees. These photos are just a little snippet to our full dedication to make our exhibition FANTASTIC.

image by Georgia Luckman

Georgia. image by me

Heather, Louisa, Maele. Image by me

What health and safety?! Rhiannon. Image by me

Lou. Image by me

Wax on, Wax off. Image by me

work work work work work. image by me

Squad. Image by me

Within/Without Group Exhibition

I was part of a group exhibition of 16 – 3rd year illustration students held in PAPERArts, Bristol on April 7-13th this year.  Few of us went to Bristol for a pre research the location so that we could have the perfect space. We’re looking for a location that is easy to access by general public. After few discussion and voting, we agreed on PAPAERArts exhibition space located right in the city centre.

Trip to Bristol to check out the space for the exhibition. image by Georgia Luckman.


My initial plan for this external exhibition is to display a multi-sensory installation, but because I think the space could not accomodate it well I have to rethink and made a plan b. I decided to use an illustration I made from an interview session with Alzheimer’s society Cardiff.

a conversation with alz patients © Ayu Baker, 2016. Image by Jakeem Lee.

The initial plan for this piece was A1 size compiled from 7 embroidery hoops. During the process I decided that I need to focus on what I’m trying to communicate instead of emphasising on the size and also because I do not want to include pieces that just ‘decorate’ the main piece. One thing that need to be corrected is the spelling and text which was planned to be made by thread but because I was running out of time I had to print the texts instead and stuck on foam board. Further more, I realised that this have not give the same impact and feeling that I’m looking for. Therefore for my final work, I have made the texts with thread in larger size and weight.

This was my first group exhibition experience. I’ve learnt so much from my friends, especially about promoting, logistic and all preparation side of it. Taking time and wisely accommodate ideas to decide the right theme that suits all of our work is a great way to have good exhibition. Helping out each other with logistic matter  and putting up work was a lot of fun as well.

My first opening night went great, met people who are interested in my work and had chat with them about why and how I created the work. The feedback was great although my tutor pointed a spelling mistake on one of my text! Oh Gosh! but anyway I still can fix it for my degree show, so no panic!

2nd group opening night

2nd group illustrator!